What cannot be measured cannot be managed. Over the last decade-and-a-half, Thoughtokrats has engineered several Diagnostics and Assessments that address the key issues and challenges in its areas of expertise. Each diagnostic/ assessments is a result of years of research and development and a strong realization of the compelling need for such a tool, that guides the stake-holders concerned towards effective decision making.

We have a systematic and empirically-driven approach to developing the assessment tools, which aim at offering a solution to the critical talent and leadership issues. Our assessment tools are widely administered to numerous stake-holders, thus facilitating them towards a logical, evidence-based decision.

We create the deepest, broadest and newest research that offer promising and sustainable solutions to the challenges surrounding leadership issues, talent issues, performance issues, entrepreneurial issues and more.

Our assessments pinpoint the drivers of the context. The parameters of the tools define how success will be measured, thereby identifying the gaps in the expectation and reality. The tools unveil the stake-holders’ strengths and weaknesses and guide accordingly.

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