Emotional Intelligence is Thoughtokrats’ passion zone. Thoughtokrats published its first book on EI in 2004 (Emotional Intelligence- Research Insights).Since then Thoughtokrats has been exploring all the avenues where emotional intelligence pervades and offering interventions to a wide range of audience spanning through sales professionals, hospitality professionals, bankers, teachers/ trainers, bankers, managers/ leaders and more.Thoughtokrats offers its key-note addresses, training interventions, assessments, expert advisory and consulting services on Emotional Intelligence to the work-places as well as educational institutions.

Emotional Intelligence >> Keynote Lectures

Thoughtokrats predicts that Emotional Intelligence at work isgoing to be the game-changer in near-future. Changing generational, cultural, technological, societal fabrics necessitate the individuals at all levels to get sensitized about Emotional Intelligence.The key-notes around EI address the extremely value-adding insights which equip the audience with the quintessential concepts, and application of emotional intelligence, at various levels and on various occasions at work

Emotional Intelligence >> Development Interventions/ Value-add Courses

Thoughtokrats recognized the significance of Emotional Intelligence, a decade-and-a-half ago, and started applying its trailblazing researchinto creating leading-edge development courses.Thoughtokrats offers development interventions across a range of concepts around emotional intelligence, with its direct incidence on work. The interventions take the participants through an extremely intense facilitation from conceptual as well as applicationpoint of view.Thoughtokrats has carried outnumerous interventions across a wide range of sectors viz, hospitality, financial services, education, Technology, Retail; across a range of professions viz: sales and marketing, customer services, client management, training, project management etc; across a range of levels viz: leaders, senior managers, middle managers, team leaders, teams, First Time managers etc. EI being Thoughtokrats’ passion area goes into the depth of the concept and designs a curriculum and methodology that best-fits the needs of the target audience.

Emotional Intelligence >> Assessments

‘What cannot be measured cannot be managed’- This is a mantra at the heart of Thoughtokrats. CEIAT (Comprehensive Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tool) is an elaborate tool that captures the entire range of traits encompassing Emotional Intelligence. The research-based tool gives a credible measure of an individual’s over-all score of emotional intelligence, as well as the measure of the individual traits/ qualities of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence >> Consulting

Thoughtokrats has been a staunch advocate of Emotional Intelligence, for over a decade and a half. Thoughtokrats offers an intense consulting experience powered by exhaustive research, expert insights and in-depth fact-finding approach.The consulting services span through the issues of performance, team management, Culture issues, generational issues, leadership, Conflict, Creativity, Change Management, Learning/ Training Development and more.