Key Notes

Thoughtokrats’ expert areas include Leadership development, Emotional Intelligence, Talent Management and Social Entrepreneurship. Our experts offer the key note speeches on a wide range of topics concerned with the afore-mentioned four domains. Our key-notes are the result of passionate research, rigorous analysis and intense thought leadership by our dedicated team and the supporting think-tanks. The content is exclusively client-centric. Each key-note is developed and drafted with utmost care and concern towards the client’s needs and expectations. Thoughtokrats, thought leadership team is ever-eager towards capturing the contemporary developments and generating future-orientated thinking that affects the organizations, institutions, teams and individuals in several ways. Thus, our Key-notes are rich with the up-to-minute information, intense knowledge and superior wisdom.

Various occasions for our key note speeches include

We can tailor our keynotes to your specific requirements. The subject experts at Thoughtokrats have more than 15 years of experience in delivering keynote speeches on various occasions in corporate and academic parliaments. Our speakers bring along cutting-edge research, in-depth knowledge, vast experience, exemplary wisdom and contagious energy levels, who drive home path-breaking points-of-view with convincing analysis and compelling conclusions. 

Usual duration for keynote speeches is between 60-90 minutes. However, in special occasions, like executive summits, conferences, they can extend to 2-3 hours. You can book our speakers for the keynote speeches either by calling us at our contact numbers or by mailing at the contact e-mail