Social Enterprenuership

Social Enterprenuership

Social Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of entrepreneurs, with the lethal combination of themind of an entrepreneur and the heart of a social reformer, promising to bring about a social transformation. Thoughtokrats published its first book on social entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurs- The Change Makers, in the year 2007. Since then, it has been observing the initiatives, progress, growth and leadership in social entrepreneurship and publishing insights periodically. Thoughtokrats passionately offers its key-note addresses, training interventions, assessments, expert advisory and consulting services to the NGOs and the CSR-outfits of the corporates.

Social Entrepreneurship >> Keynote Lectures

Thoughtokratspublished its first book on Social Entrepreneurship in 2007. Since then Social Entrepreneurship has been on the front-burner of Thoughtokrats.The Key Notes comprise the quintessential of social-entrepreneurship capturing the values, vision, strategies, thinking styles, personality constructs, traits and more about social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurship >> Development Interventions/ Value-add Courses

Thoughtokrats’ much-acclaimed SPEC-MEC framework forms the center-piece of the interventions in social entrepreneurship space. The training programs get to the depth to decode the DNA of successful social-entrepreneurs. The intervention facilitates understanding, learning and implementing the quintessential traits, habits, techniques, approaches, thinking and strategies on social entrepreneurs. The intense facilitation is replete with exercises, and individual and group activities.

Social Entrepreneurship >> Assessments

‘What cannot be measured cannot be managed’-This is a mantra at the heart of Thoughtokrats.SEOAT (Social Entrepreneurship Orientation Assessment Tool) is an elaborate diagnostic tool that assesses the basic orientation of aspiring/ practicing social entrepreneurs. The tool gives an alaborate analysis of various traits and qualities it takes to evolve as a successful social entrepreneur.

Social Entrepreneurship >> Consulting

Thoughtokrats works with several NGOs/ social enterprises, assisting them in drawing a vision, offering a future guidance to the firms. The consulting offers an intense hand-holding exercise, helping the social enterprises in obtaining the much-needed clarity, vision, and modus-operandi towards their triple-bottom-line strategy.