Amidst the continuously growing gap between the business expectations and talent output, effective, and result-driven training becomes inevitable for the business. At Thoughtokrats we have been delivering training programs in our key competencies for the last decade and a half. We have been addressing a wide range of audience including aspiring managers & leaders, First Time Managers, First Time Leaders, Middle level leaders & managers and Senior Management. Our unparalleled research, cutting edge insights, and compelling observations promise to bring about the intended change, improvement and development amongst the audiences. We have dealt with numerous emerging and hot topics around our key competencies i.e. Talent, leadership, social entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence.

Our training techniques include the popular, proven and widely practiced methods like sensitivity sessions, FGDs, Assessments, Case-based discussions, Book-based discussions, scenario analyses, Strategic conversations etc. We believe and practice in coaching approach in training programs as we believe, trainer can lead the trainees to a solution, but a coach can re-inforce the desired change amongst the audience more effectively, emphatically and perpetually. We possess the expertise to identify and customize the training methodology, tools and techniques, in accordance with the client’s expectations.

You can book our experts for the training programs either by calling us at our contact numbers or by mailing at the contact e-mail